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Leap Workshop

Thank you for visiting LEAP Workshop, Inc. a Florida Not for Profit Corporation.

It is LEAP’s primary purpose to lower recidivism through providing the following programs and services to individuals currently incarcerated and ex-offenders already released.

Through these life-transforming programs our participants learn to identify the three components, (physiological/physical state, beliefs/focus and language patterns) which influence their behavioral choices. Participants learn to interrupt non-empowering behavioral patterns that prevent them from moving toward what they ultimately desire. Participants develop their own incantation for individual change. Participants learn, understand and apply the power of the following key strategies:

  • The Science of Achievement
  • The Art of Fulfillment
  • Extraordinary Psychology
  • Belief
  • Language Use
  • Patterns of Physiology
  • The Connection Between the Quality of Their Lives and the Quality of the Emotions they Consistently Experience.

We’ve been fortunate enough to help several ex-offenders who have sought our services and programs upon release and are now living productive lives and are not only contributing and tax paying members of society, but some are even running their own small business and have even hired other ex-offenders who have come through our program upon release.

"To do more for the world than the world does for you - That is true success." - Henry Ford

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