• Provide MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) sessions for pre-release and post-release clients.
  • Provide one-on-one individualized counseling sessions with a Clinical Psychologist and Addiction Therapist.
  • Facilitate the Robbins Research International Empower and Edge Program for pre/post release clients.
  • Provide Employability and Entrepreneurship training and programs.
  • Provide PACIFICS (peace studies) for pre/post clients.
  • Provide LEAP Membership Card to post-release clients which will entitle them to steeply discounted goods and services from local merchants and businesses for 1 year.
  • Provide job placement assistance and small business and entrepreneurship programs to post-release clients.
  • By April 2017 we’re working toward having the LEAP House up and running, which is a 20-30 person housing complex which will facilitate the short to midterm housing needs for qualified returning citizens being released.


Here at Leap Workshop, Inc. we truly believe in the power of community. We also believe that by helping to build better individuals through mentoring, coaching and training, we can help them in becoming successful entrepreneurs and build better communities as a whole.Everything we do, from free consultations, coaching, mentoring, training and workshops to heavily discounted fully customized websites and marketing tools; Leap Workshop, Inc. operates with the mission of building better communities.We have powerful success stories and testimonials of individuals who went from poverty to prosperity, inmate to CEO, utilizing Leap Workshop Inc’s. proven system for small business creation and success. There has never been a better time and as much opportunity to start a small business, than there is now, and we’re excited as ever to help you transform your vision into a reality.Join the Leap Workshop, Inc. community today and start your journey to small business success!

Inmate Entrepreneurship Program

Leap Workshop is dedicated to working with inmates in County, State and Federal facilities who are within one year of their release date. We believe we can have a profoundly positive impact on our community, through empowering individuals who have at once, gone down a destructive path , to become successful small business owners. These individuals at one point, made a series of poor decisions, which led to the committing of crimes, resulting in a negative impact on their communities, ultimately landing them behind bars.The vast majority of these men and women do not stay behind bars indefinitely. Rather, they are released back into the very communities from which they where removed. Our community, our children’s, parents, and grandparents community.Leap Workshop believes that by empowering these individuals with great tools, and the training and opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs who contribute to and build up our communities, we can have a significant impact on lowering the recidivism rate and building better communities as a whole.

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